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Professional Floor Sanding: Service Features

Hardwood sanding is a delicate finishing treatment for flooring made from natural materials. It is a complex multi-stage work. So, it is better to entrust it to a professional flooring company, for example, London Eco Floors.

Sanding is one of the stages of floor restoration, which allows you to prepare the floor for coating with varnish or oil. The professional sanding floors process is carried out with special equipment and helps remove the dirty layer of varnish, exposing the top layer of wood. This service will help to restore the former novelty and shine to your floor.

Sanding hardwood floors: application cases

  • Planned restoration

It is performed when the hardwood loses its appearance: the decor is erased, or the lacquered board loses its shine. The regularity of the planned restoration depends on how intensively the floor is used.

  • Restoration in case of local damage

Sometimes, floor sanding has to be done when the floor is new, but it is damaged in some places – has stains from wine or paint, dents, or scratches (when heavy objects are hit or dropped on the floor). The sanding depth, in this case, depends on the type of damage.

  • Leveling the floor during installation

Sanding hardwood floors at the stage of its laying and before applying the coating is necessary if the difference in the height of the boards exceeds the required norms (2 mm).

Benefits of Floor Sanding Service from London Eco Floors

Has your old hardwood floor lost its freshness and presentable appearance? There is an excellent way out of this situation. Order a professional sanding service from London Eco Floors. The company’s experts will bring your floor to perfect condition and help you create a luxury look for your home interior.

Reasons to choose London Eco Floors:

  • The latest professional equipment
  • A complex approach
  • Affordable price
  • Certified varnishes, paints, and other materials
  • High speed of work execution

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Floor Sanding Services in London

The company tries to keep their service prices as low as possible and not raise them, ensuring high quality of work. Trusting professionals, you will save a lot of time, nerves, and energy. Qualified specialists will take into account all your wishes and strictly follow the process technology.

Floor sanding service allows you to remove scratches, stains, and give the floor a mirror-like shine. During every stage, specialists use different grinding equipment and apply the latest techniques.

The use of modern equipment and advanced technologies, the rich experience, and the professionalism of employees allows them to perform floor grinding in London quickly and efficiently. The restored wooden floor will be transformed and will look as if it was installed a day before.


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