Parquet Installation in London

Perhaps no floor looks as luxurious as a parquet. Assembled from natural wood planks, it is both environmentally friendly and highly aesthetic. When assembling the floor, you can follow both classic patterns and come up with your own unique design. London Eco Floors will ensure the performance of absolutely all parquet laying works: from measuring the room to varnishing the finished assembly.


Parquet Flooring Installation: What You Need to Know

The assembly of a parquet floor takes place in many stages, each of which must be carried out as carefully as possible. This guarantees the geometric excellence of the resulting pattern and the tactile perfection of the floor, which your feet will immediately feel. The stages of parquet fitting include the realisation of the following tasks:

  1. Dismantling of the old floor covering if the work should be done in other premises than a new
  2. Preparation of the base and levelling of the surface on which the parquet will be laid.
  3. Floor covering with plywood.
  4. Selection of the optimal pattern and glueing the boards to the plywood.
  5. Scouring and sanding parquet with special power tools.
  6. Removing cracks with puttying and re-sanding the floor.
  7. Applying multiple coats of varnish to protect the wood and create a visually stunning effect.

Parquet Installation London

parquet flooring fitters london
parquet flooring fitters london

How Is the Cost of Work Determined?

Just as there are no absolutely identical premises in London, there is no one universal price for the work performed. For each project, a separate estimate is drawn up, which takes into account: 

  • The number of rooms, which means the number of corners.
  • Total coverage area.
  • The need to dismantle the old floor before parquet installation.
  • The degree of evenness of the base on which the parquet will be laid.
  • The complexity of the proposed design.

In general, parquet floor laying London costs from £20/m² and varnishing it — from £5/m² per coat. The more layers applied, the deeper the wood pattern will look. Also, the amount of work that will have to be done during the refreshment of the floor depends on the number of layers of varnish:  

  • If there were many layers initially, it would be enough just to remove the top ones.
  • If there were a few layers, the entire floor will have to be sanded down to wood and varnished again.

Flooring laying
from 20 £/m²

Benefits of Works Done by London Eco Floors

The peculiarity of the companys approach to the installation of parquet is its customer focus complete with deep knowledge and the use of the latest technologies. It means the following:

  • Whatever amazing pattern the customer proposes, the craftsmen will do their best to implement it exactly.
  • Work will be carried out at a convenient time for the customer in compliance with all technical standards required when laying the parquet.
  • Project implementation can start immediately on the day of the consultation.
  • The company uses only certified paint and varnish products for flooring as it is responsible to the customer.
Minimum dust
Minimum dust

Thanks to our modern equipment, we perform work with minimum dust.


Our customers are insured for £5,000,000.

Ecological materials

We use ecological materials that are safe for both humans and nature.

Сover South England

We work not only in London but also in the South and East England.


Browse the Gallery of Completed Projects

The best recommendation of a parquet installation company is its work. Visit the London Eco Floors website gallery to appreciate the excellence and originality of the projects already completed. You will find here both classic patterns that look great in any interior and unique designs that look like real works of art.

Laying parquet, whether in your home or office, is a marvellous idea. The wooden floor gives a special cosiness and comfort to the room. Also, it has a beneficial effect on the relationship that develops between the inhabitants of the house or office visitors due to its environmental friendliness. The masters of London Eco Floors will do their best to make your parquet floor as durable and visually appealing as possible.

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