Stairs and Banisters Sanding in London


Stairs: strip, sand and seal

from 25 £/step
  • depending on condition,
  • size and layers of paint

A staircase is a significant element of any home interior. It has many functions and meanings. First of all, it provides the necessary reliability and functionality for safe moving to another floor. And depending on the house layout, a staircase can also have an aesthetic load as an important detail in the formation of the entire interior style.

Over time, any wooden product needs restoration. Wooden interior elements like stairs and banisters require repair regardless of their style, value, or care of use. Stairs and banisters sanding made on time will not only give a completely new look to this versatile interior element but also save costs on buying and installing a new one.

Stairs Sanding Service: Fit-Out Steps to Follow

Like natural wood floors, wood stairs can be repaired many times, giving them a different look every time. If your staircase has lost its presentable appearance, there are many scratches on it, or you just want to change the shade following the design of the house, you can order sanding and finishing services from London Eco Floors. This process includes all stages of finishing hardwood floors: sanding, tinting, and varnishing or oiling following the design project.

Banister Sanding: the Final Stage of the Staircase Transformation

The creation of a perfect design for an old staircase is impossible without the restoration of its decorative elements – banisters. They affect the appearance of the stairs and their functionality;
therefore, over time, they can also wear out.

In most cases, scratched areas can be repaired by sanding works. As a rule, banisters are round in shape and relatively small in size. Their sanding requires the services of a highly-skilled craftsman since this work is done mainly by hand.

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Sanding banisters and stairs with London Eco Floors

With the best equipment, tools, and consumables in their arsenal, London Eco Floors craftsmen guarantee their customers the highest quality services for the best price.
Despite the labor-consuming process of sanding a staircase, London Eco Floors specialists perform sanding works professionally and always follow the highest quality standards. With sanding services provided by the company's experts, stairs and banisters will restore their natural beauty and contribute to style and comfort in any interior type. Their approach to work is a combination of professional equipment and quality services at a reasonable price.

If you plan to redesign your staircase, contact London Eco Floors Company for more information on stair upgrades. The use of high-performance equipment in the hands of real specialists will allow you to increase the speed of work and obtain a high level of quality in stairs and railings sanding, which will affect the duration of their operation.

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