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A high-quality painted floor in an apartment or private house always looks gorgeous and presentable. A professionally finished floor surface can successfully fit into any interior style. Considering the wide variety of paints and the range of their color variations, you can implement any design solution without problems. 

Such a finishing decoration of the floor surface as floor staining is performed at the last stage of the renovation. Its implementation should take place taking into account the correct technology of work, which will ensure the desired quality of the painted flooring. 

Despite the variety of modern finishing materials, flooring staining has not lost its relevance and is in high demand among owners of apartments, houses, summer cottages, and even villas.


from 5 £/m² per coat

Floor Staining Services and Applied Technologies

The floor surface can be painted in two ways: manual and mechanized. The choice of the painting method of the floor depends on the area of the surface. In small premises, you can use manual techniques, and for a large volume of work, it is better to use a mechanized method.

If you require professional floor staining in London, you can order the services of London Eco Floors. Their specialists with many years of experience will help you with the project implementation of any complexity. It is enough to fill in the form or contact their customer support and discuss the details of the upcoming cooperation. 

The company guarantees competitive prices and full compliance with the stated requirements. To carry out high-quality work, they use only time-tested finishing materials.

Professional floor staining protects the surface from excess moisture and mechanical damage, extends the service life of the hardwood, gives the interior a finished look, and simplifies the cleaning process. The cost of painting the floor is formed based on the materials used and the  technology for performing the work.

Wood Floor Refinishing Services London

Features of Wood Floor Staining

Hardwood floor staining takes place in several successive stages:

Surface preparation. The floor is cleaned from dust and dirt. The old paintwork is removed.

Floor Staining: Step 1

Floor Staining: Step 2

Leveling the surface. Before painting, all cracks and crevices are sealed, after which, the base is primed.

The prepared wooden floor is painted in the chosen way (covered with a layer of paint; the amount depends on the desired shade).

Staining wooden floors: Step 3

If the coating is new, the preparation of the wooden floor for painting is greatly simplified (there is no need to putty when laying new hardwood flooring). In this case, the process begins with a sanding step. Then, the surface is covered with layers of primer. After the surface has dried, you can start the floor staining procedure.

Experienced specialists of the London Eco Floors will perform staining and varnishing the floor with high quality and in a short time. They will provide the standard single-color staining or fulfill any of your wishes for the decorative floor design.

Flooring staining is the final stage of the renovation; the overall appearance of the interior depends on the quality of its implementation. High-profile masters with extensive experience are ready to paint the floor surface in London according to your wishes to ensure a brilliant result and create a complete interior image.

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