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Parquet or wood flooring can be the highlight of your home or commercial space. It always pleases the eyes of viewers and gives positive emotions. But this only happens when the floor is in perfect condition. In all other states, it will simply cease to be noticed. The parquet or wooden floor needs to be polished periodically for the luxurious view could immediately return to delight visitors.

The frequency of this procedure depends on the number of people who regularly use the premises: the greater the traffic, the more often such a need arises. London Eco Floors is always ready to help you polish your wooden floor as quickly and efficiently as possible.


How to Polish and Refinish Wood Floor

The main reason why it is necessary to periodically turn to floor polishing service is that dust and dirt are not completely removed during cleaning. They tend to get stuck in the pores of the wood as well as in the gaps between the planks of the parquet. Depending on how much care your floor requires at the moment, you can choose between polishing or refinishing it.

Polishing Woof Flooring
Wodd floor polishing Service
Wodd floor Polishing Service London

Wood Floor Polishing

This is an easier procedure since it does not require sanding and removing the previous layer of finish. To implement it, you need:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and wipe the parquet with a wet cloth. Keep the windows closed so that new dust does not have time to settle.
  • Wash the entire floor with professional wood care products.
  • Apply a high-quality polish to the parquet and let it dry for at least half a day.
  • After that, using a special roller, polish it.

Wood Floor Refinishing

The refinishing procedure is more thorough because after washing the floor with special detergents for wood, it is necessary to sand it. This is done to remove the old top coat:

  • After sanding, clear away all dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe the floor with a wet cloth.
  • Let it dry and use a special roller to apply the desired number of coats of finish.

Between the application of each new layer, at least three hours must pass. 

London Eco Floors specialists will cope with both of these tasks very quickly and professionally. They use only environmentally friendly solutions and detergents and certified varnish.

How the Cost of Refinishing and Polishing Is Determined

The final cost of the refinishing and polishing work done is calculated according to a number of indicators:  

  •  Total area of ​​the treated surface
  •  Number of rooms and corners
  •  Need for floor sanding
  •  Need to rearrange furniture

 The volume of work performed reduces the cost: the larger the surface to be polished, the lower the cost per 1 m² will be.

    High-Performance Services from London Eco Floors

    Thanks to the services of the company, you will understand that polishing and refinishing are  carried out

    • fast
    • qualitatively
    • at moderate prices

    This means that they can be performed regularly, which contributes both to the preservation of wooden floors and the duration of their operation and to a highly aesthetic appearance. In addition, the company's specialists will carry out the necessary repairs if any floorboard is rotten or settled. Knowing all the nuances of caring for wooden floors will allow them to find the best solution for each specific case.

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    Check out the Finished Projects in the Gallery

    To see the parquet polishing and refinishing work in progress, check out the London Eco Floors Gallery on the website. There, you will see that no matter what condition the parquet was in before the start of work, upon completion, it shines like new and gives warmth, beauty, and energy to the entire space.
    Parquet refinishing and polishing do not require a major investment. However, they give an amazing and long-lasting effect, especially if carried out by highly professional specialists  from London Eco Floors.

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