Hardwood Flooring Repair and Restoration


Cosmetic gap-filling

from 3 £/m²
  • filling small cracks, old cuts, and nail holes etc.

Sanding only: 3 stage process

from 15 £/m²

Reclaimed pine floorboards changed

from 20 £/lin/m

Lime washing/liming/whitening

from 5 £/m² per coat

Wooden flooring has a lot of undeniable advantages. First of all, it is easy to clean. Secondly, it does not emit toxic substances into the surrounding space and has an unsurpassed appearance. However, over time, this material requires maintenance and repair work. It is where professional floor restoration services come in handy.

Whatever the quality of the wood flooring is, it will lose its original noble appearance over time. Homeowners and owners of another real estate (restaurants, offices, and clinics) will need to carry out a complete replacement of the wooden floor or order a partial hardwood flooring restoration. One or another type of repair is carried out after a thorough examination of the floor surface.

Before you start repairing a wooden floor, you need to carefully examine it for the most common defects — cracked, faded, rotted or sagging boards. The result of such an inspection will directly determine what kind of floor repair will be — partial or complete replacement of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floor repair london
wood floor repair london
wood flooring repair in London

Floor Repair and Hardwood Restoration Service You May Need

It is necessary to know many technical features, thanks to which, the repair of a wooden floor in an apartment or house will go smoothly, following the necessary standards.

Methods for the restoration of wood flooring

Partial floor restoration is possible with solid, absolutely undamaged beams and rough boards. Usually, the need to carry it arises when the finishing flooring is damaged.

Defects can take several forms:

  • the formation of wide cracks between the boards, which impede movement on the surface and pass drafts;
  • cracking of the floorboards, their curvature due to improper processing during the production process;
  • rotting from interaction with moisture and damage by insects.


In each case, there are ways to restore the coating, which can only be performed by true professionals and experts in their field, such as London Eco Floors.

To restore hardwood flooring, experts use modern techniques and the latest equipment. Before restoration, craftsmen study the condition of the board, the type of wood, and the structure of the boards. If the hardwood flooring does not have severe damage, they perform floor sanding with special machines to remove abrasions and minor scratches. If large chips or traces of decay are found, craftsmen perform local or major repairs in stages:

Parquet Repair Services

Parquet Repair Services

Principles of Hardwood Flooring Repair


  1. Replace damaged boards with new planks matched in texture and pattern.
  2. Eliminate chips, delamination, and cracks; all works are performed with specialized equipment.
  3. Carry out rough and finishing scraping with a scraping tool.
  4. Carry out finishing grinding to eliminate minor imperfections and level the surface.
  5. Protect the boards with varnish; the shade of the composition is selected taking into account the existing interior design and the customer’s requirements.

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Minimum dust

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Our customers are insured for £5,000,000.

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We use ecological materials that are safe for both humans and nature.

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Hardwood Flooring Repair in London

The wood flooring has a rich texture. It is distinguished by high indicators of environmental friendliness, durability, and reliability. However, long-term and intensive use leads to the need for wooden floor restoration London.

Repairs of wooden floors in commercial and residential spaces must be timely so that a minor problem does not develop into a destructive process. The first signs that you need to consider renovating your floor are cracks, chips, roughness, or an annoying squeak when walking. If you notice one of the listed disadvantages, do not hesitate and immediately contact the specialists of London Eco Floors.

The company provides services for the restoration of wooden flooring, regardless of the complexity of the work. To use the services of specialists, you need to leave a request on the website.

If you want to recreate the comfort in the room, keep the flooring intact – hardwood flooring repair and restoration services are what you need.


This company employs professionals in the repair business, who will provide you with the service of wooden floor restoration in East London, West London, or North London. Their advanced technologies, rich experience, and qualified experts who are proficient in a variety of techniques for restoring natural wood flooring will help you complete floor restoration efficiently, quickly, and with high quality.

The company takes care of its customers; so, the cost of the work of highly qualified specialists is available for any budget. At the same time, the quality of the restoration result remains at the highest professional level.

Hardwood flooring restoration is a pretty resource-intensive event. The result of repair operations depends on the skills of craftsmen and the exact adherence to the restoration method. It is better to order the service only from experienced professionals who work for a reputable company, such as London Eco Floors.


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